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We offer pupils and students practical experience at work in our laboratories.

It’s part of the German school system that pupils go for practical training (about 2-3 weeks) in order to gain insight for their professional orientation.

A practical training for apprentices (berufsbegleitendes Praktikum) is also available at our company. That means: during an apprenticeship, apprentices spend time in several departments of the company where they gain practical insight.


In Germany we practice the dual education system (“Duales Ausbildungssystem”) of Vocational Education and Training (VET). We take part as a training company and offer several positions.

  • The German apprenticeship system is called “Duales Ausbildungssystem” because training takes place in both firms and public training schools. It relies on the sharing of costs among companies, governments and apprentices.
  •  The remuneration paid by the company is approx. one third of the salary of a skilled worker.
  • Practical training is provided in the company and is supported by teaching in part time schools.
  • The average period for this apprenticeship is 36 months.
  • The Dual System enjoys a high reputation in Germany, especially from the employers’ side since all apprentices are highly involved in many processes of the daily routine.


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