We remain effective.

We remain effective.

15. May, 2020

At Schulz & Sohn production continues.

In these challenging times we are happy to say that our workforce is healthy and that we are still able to produce. Demand for our products is currently at a lower level than usual, but we are using the current time to optimize production processes and to build up stocks to be well-prepared for the reopening of the gastronomy businesses.

In our company, an integrated security concept ensures that our employees, who work on-site for production-related reasons, are well protected. There are information boards with safety regulations everywhere, as well as sufficient disinfectant and hand washing soap.

The administrative staff is granted work from their home office – online conferences are now standard in our company.

Furthermore, all employees were provided with a care package – consisting of toilet paper, protective masks, disposable gloves, hand disinfectant, and hand soap.

Our Wfaa employees are currently still at home for safety reasons. We are currently working on a plan to welcome them back to our premises in the coming weeks.

The aim of these measures is to secure the jobs at Schulz & Sohn in the long term. From our point of view, there is no reason to worry.
Regardless of the developments in the coming months, we would like to emphasize at this point: We will continue to be there for our customers and work together to overcome this crisis. At the same time, we see the current situation as an opportunity to develop new products.
We remain effective.


Keep your distance – wash your hands – get information

Keep your distance – wash your hands – get information

17. March, 2020

Interview with Dr. Schulz on coronavirus:

Are you concerned about the coronavirus?

Personally, I’m not. Since the virus only seems to be dangerous for people with a weak immune system or with previous illnesses, I do not worry much about myself; I feel fit. However, I am worried about the way a lot of people react to this situation

What exactly do you mean?

For example, people randomly are buying masks. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), masks only help infected people not to infect others. For non-infected people, the misuse generally leads to an increase in risk.
My concern results from the fact that our employees who work at a dusty workplace actually need the masks and soon won‘t have any masks available.
Or moreover the disinfectants and raw materials that we need for production are no longer available. I am afraid that the damage caused by the misuse of disinfectants will be greater than the gain from averting actual dangers. Disinfectants only work where there are actual viruses – they cannot be used prophylactically.

In your opinion, what do you think should be done?

The recommendations of the RKI should be followed: reduced body contact and safe distance to other people, regular and correct hand washing with warm water and soap as well as checking your state of health. If symptoms such as fever, cough and cold occur simultaneously or if there is uncertainty about a possible infection, the local health authority should be contacted by telephone or via the Internet.

Robert Koch Institute: https://www.rki.de/EN/Home/homepage_node.html


Crown Jewels Anniversary

Crown Jewels Anniversary

5. February, 2020

We congratulate our Senior Klaus Dieter Schulz on his 75th anniversary!

A look back to the beginning of his career 75 years ago:
In a difficult period, Klaus Dieter Schulz started a commercial apprenticeship as a druggist on January 1st, 1945 in his parental store. His parents had converted it from a colonial goods store into a drugstore a few years earlier.

The assortment in the retail trade at that time consisted of one-third food (e.g. pickled herrings, nutriments) and two-thirds of so-called material goods (“…goods which were needed for medicine as well as for food, also for smoking and dying because of their good taste and smell“). Soon a special department for infant care and nutrition was added.

Since his father Paul was particularly interested in photography, a separate photo department including a darkroom and training facility was also set up. One of the apprentices at that time still runs a renowned Photoshop in Düsseldorf today.

75 years ago the staff of the Vitalis drugstore consisted of exactly three people: Dr Dr Paul Schulz (boss), a food saleswoman and drugstore apprentice Klaus Dieter Schulz.
The latter passed his druggist examination (including poison test!) after successful training as one of the few apprentices with the best grade. Since then, he has been constantly involved in the development of the company until he took over the management of Dr Schulz & Sohn company in 1966, which has since been founded.

More about the history of Schulz & Sohn can be found here.

According to the Chinese proverb “Opening a business is easy. It’s hard to keep it open” we draw our hat for the creative work and life achievement of the senior. Congratulations!

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