We develop concepts for the cleaning and care of surfaces. In doing so, we combine all necessary parameters for a sustainable, economic and environmentally-compatible overall concept. We offer sound knowledge and comprehensive international services in marketing, sales, safety and logistics matters. So you receive extensive consult and custom-fit delivery. We pay particular attention to your individual needs in your sector and are only then satisfied when we have found the ideal solution for you.


Operations manager Marian Nowak hands over the production process to an employee

High flexibility through in-house production

Our own production-unit produces cleaning agents of all kinds of forms – such as tablets, powder or liquids. Modern production facilities allow us maximum flexibility and guarantee effective production processes. And so your orders can be processed highly efficiently.


Cleaning balls being prepared for blister packaging

Fully customised packaging and packing

Wrapping and packaging, including labelling, is part of our service. We supply tablets, powders and liquid cleaners – expertly bottled, sealed and packed in – for example – plastic tubs, bottles or blisters. We also offer advantageous service packs, which we create to suit your particular requirements. This helps you with scheduling, while keeping control over the recommended cleaning and care agent usage. We will be happy to advise you in more detail.

Contact: Thorsten Schwarz
Phone: +49 (0)211 88 22 800



Marian Nowak and Sylvester Strozik carrying out maintenance work on a bottling machine

Technology and maintenance – all by specialists

Our machinery is monitored and optimized by our own qualified personnel. Whether maintaining software or hardware – planning, maintenance and servicing of all machines is guaranteed at all times.


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Product development

Marcel Tillmann undertaking quality assurance in the laboratory

Product development – from the analysis to the individual solution

Do you want to clean up your dirt? We are product developers for process and application-related special cleaning agents. Product development takes place in our laboratory under the direction of experienced and qualified scientific personnel.


Series trials under development

The process:

Following an in-depth analysis of the materials to be cleaned and the types of contamination involved, we test the potentials for an optimum of cleanliness on the basis of comprehensive criteria. Key criteria include temperature or mechanical support, occupational health and safety, and the environment. The results provide us with a basis for a test formula, which passes through series of testings on the required materials and test specimens. Once the tests have been evaluated, the formula and application method are adjusted until we can offer the ideal cleaning solution.


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Logistics – our daily business

You know better than anyone how much has to be delivered when and where. When it comes to logistics, we can make things run easier. Turn to us if you need reliable support for the continuous supply for your processes.

Our daily activities include:

  • short and long-term purchase planning of laboratory chemicals, raw materials, packing and resources
  • the needs assessment for optimised supply to production to guarantee our customers delivery capability
  • FIFO warehousing, optimised storage
  • purchase of customer-specific packaging/labels
  • procurement of samples for our product development or customer-specific packaging
  • assistance in the best choice of transport route and loading aids


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Marketing + Sales

Sarah Marohn, Marketing Communication

We strengthen your marketing activities

Do you want to emphasise your strengths? We offer expert consulting for both national and international marketing of chemical products.

We offer specialist knowledge for a successful product presentation, with due consideration for international labelling requirements and legal criteria. And so you can leave us to check the required approvals and organise worldwide transport management.

Sarah Marohn, the specialist for marketing communication, develops labels (also private labels) for you on-demand and advises you on specific packaging requirements.

Contact: Sarah Marohn
Phone: +49 (0)211 88 22 80-270


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