As diverse as the requirements are, so are the potentials for implementation. We are squaring up to this challenge and developing effective solutions. Ensuring optimised quality, sustainability and meeting your special requirements is a matter of course. This allows us to offer you tailored quotations for products and advice so that you get what you need: an effective solution.

Our values


Developed values – adapted to modern day

We are a family-run company in its 4th generation. Since being founded in 1890, when Vitalis Schulz devised his guiding principle: “Skill, vision, diligence, quality, performance and social conduct”, this fundamental attitude has been consolidated over the years and is still practised in our company to this day. Today, because the requirements are more complex and more global, and production times are increasingly shorter, we consistently pay attention to optimised quality and do our best to ensure that our cleaning concepts are developed and implemented with maximum flexibility and with good advisory skills.

Social responsibility – implemented with passion

As a modern company, we are obliged to make our contribution to the company and to our partnership. “Social conduct”, so-called at the time, is expressed in our company both inwardly and outwardly in various ways:

  • We encourage education and training by granting young people insights into professional life in our company, we train and develop new employees.
  •  We cooperate with the WfaA [Workshop for Adapted Work] since 2006 and have integrated a supervised group of handicapped people into our company. More at: Inclusion
  • Since sports activities create a good balance to office work and have great motivation potential too, we also offer internal company sport. Twice a week, a professional trainer keeps our employees on the go.
  • We sponsor sport associations and youth sport projects in line with our social responsibility.
  •  We are education partners of cultural facilities and support school projects. Some of our employees play an active and enthusiastic part in these undertakings. More at: Sponsoring
Photovoltaic system on the roof of a production hall of Schulz & Sohn

Sustainability – always in our focus

We demonstrate the required “vision” – in terms of sustainability – not only in the manufacture of our products, but also in the equipping of our production facilities with resource-saving technologies.

In December 2011, a solar energy system providing 19 kWp was installed on the roof of our 350 m2 office building. In parallel with the extension of our buildings in the year 2013 we installed an additional solar plant with a capacity of 99 kWp. As a result, we are able to produce a large portion of our electricity requirement ourselves.

Another important contribution to our sustainability concept is the recycling of packaging materials. Here, we collaborate with Interseroh, a company which categorically certified energy savings through the reuse of packaging materials for the first time in 2010. It is needless to say that in case of a doubt, we prefer those components that are sourced from renewable raw materials.



S&S Bildungspartner3

Schulz & Sohn does not stand up for the moment. This means that we bear the social responsibility imposed upon us as a long-established company. We encourage education and training, because this is an investment in the future of our company. We promote sport, because it equips people for everyday challenges and because it supports social conduct. We promote culture as it creates a second and third time view on things.

Here you’ll find are a few examples of our social activities


One of our best employees on the bottling plant is blind

We don’t see inclusion just as a theory

2016 it has been already 10 years since we completed our tasks in close cooperation with the Workshop for Adapted Work (WfaA). Soon after the first discussions with the managing directors in autumn 2006 with the management representatives of the Düsseldorf-based Workshop for Handicapped People, one intern was taken on in the office and three employees in production. At the time, certain activities of Schulz & Sohn GmbH were carried out on the premises of the Workshop for Adapted Work. Since mid-2014, a supervised group of WfaA employees have permanently worked in production.

We are proud that the inclusion initiative has been successful and are looking forward to many more years together.