Our services are of high complexity. Our aspiration is to offer you as our customer not only the quality of our products but in addition the high standard of service on advice, sales, training and logistics. We therefore provide a competent international team to meet your particular requirements.

Dr. Klaus Vitalis Schulz Management, Product Development


Dr. Klaus Vitalis Schulz – Chemist – sole managing director and head of the company since 1998. Tempted by challenges, he loves to work meticulously on innovative solutions. His style of leadership is open and integrative, because he is convinced that people give their best when supported and challenged. He is personally committed to strengthen the “we” feeling among the workforce through shared activities. He sponsors, for instance, a team that takes regularly part in the Düsseldorf Marathon. Outside of business, he has a passionate commitment to sport, culture and educational support for both young and old.


Stephan Saurbier Head of Purchasing, Training

Stephan Saurbier manages strategic and operative purchasing. As contact person for questions on using and handling of chemicals and cleaning agents, you will not find better advice.

He is responsible for meeting the statutory requirements for occupational, environmental and fire safety. Stephan Saurbier conducts external trainings in which he gets clients familiar with the handling of cleaning products and the applicable regulations.

The required safety data sheets for special products are created according to his instructions.


Marian Nowak Operations Manager

Marian Nowak with an employee

Marian Nowak is Operations Manager at Schulz & Sohn. Not only is he entrusted that the machines operate at their best, his main task is to ensure that the entire internal logistic system runs smoothly: from the delivery of chemicals, the formulation of substances, the manufacturing of products through to bottling, packing and transporting. He is responsible for the personnel on the production lines, the technicians and mechanics who are responsible for machinery maintenance and repairs, as well as for warehouse logistics. If a problem does occur, he reacts fast and does not rest until it is resolved.


Daniel Dlugosch Head of IT


Daniel Dlugosch manages the IT department. He organizes the complete IT infrastructure and often comes to the rescue in a digital emergency. He is also the contact for purchasing laboratory chemicals. On Fridays, you will find him in the in-house retail shop, where he is gladly to advise on how to use and handle chemicals.


Sebastian Stappen Laboratory Manager

Sebastian Stappen is a trained chemical engineer and laboratory manager at Schulz & Sohn and manages our laboratory unit. As the main contact person for product development and quality assurance, he is primarily responsible for the strategic planning of product development trials and product refinements. Alongside that, he organizes the entire laboratory operation. He has a personal motivation to continuously improve the cleaning performance of the products and applications to increase the cost/benefit factor. Always in due consideration for all specified parameters such as time, temperature, environment, substances and mechanical usage.


Thorsten Schwarz ead of Sales and Marketing


Thorsten Schwarz is the Head of the Sales and Marketing Department. As a long-term employee, he is in close contact with our customers and is responsible for new customer acquisitions. He will be happy to advise you on all questions relating to product concepts and their sales strategies and channels. Thorsten Schwarz is also the contact person when it comes to questions and preferences about export.


Marita Müller-Bücker Order preparation, freight carrier scheduling


Ms. Müller-Bücker and her team accept your orders and are always happy to assist with any concerns or questions regarding invoicing, export and shipping.

When you telephone us, you will reach this team. If it cannot be of assistance, you will be put through to the right person straightaway.


Cornelia Burger Head of Finance

Cornelia Burger is the Head of the Finance Department. Alongside her financial planning and budgeting role, she is mainly responsible for financial accounting. Nothing escapes her diligent eyes. Apart from that, she is always approachable and happy to answer all finance related questions.